The products are rated IPX5. This rating essentially demonstrated near-complete protection from particles as well as water resistance from water projected by a nozzle. In summary, they are completely protected from any condition you can expect under outdoor use, from dust to rain and puddles.

  • What is the range for the scooters?

            The average range is 40 KM but it also depends on the type of terrain and the load of the person

  • How to switch on/off the scooter?

            You have to press the turn-on button on the scooter and then unlock the scooter either from the mobile app or the NFC card.

  • For how long should I charge my battery after it’s empty?

            It takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the scooter.

  • What type and size of tires?

            Front and rear wheel: 8:5 inch

            Front-wheel: Pneumatic tire

           Back Wheel: Solid honeycomb tire

  • What is the max load of the scooter?

           It can hold up to 100 KG

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